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Specializing in lightning-fast websites and award-winning web design that consistently exceed industry standards, the NEO team is dedicated to helping you build and maintain websites that captivate audiences and drive results.

From sleek aesthetics to seamless functionality, our team of developers and designers combine innovation with precision to deliver websites that not only impress but also perform optimally in search engine rankings.


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Benefits of MANAGEMENT

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Just a click a way

Connect with site experts directly from your purpose built client area. Say goodbye to searching and vetting external help.

All-in-one Solution

Save time and trust our experts who cover it all – from web design, code, to hosting, WordPress, and beyond.

Fast and Efficient Development

Get the most out of your minutes with the fastest team in the west. We action all develepment requests within one hour of receiving them.

Cost Effective

Consider NEO web agency as your in house web design and management department without the cost and accounting.

Good communIcation

We handle everything internally! We do not and will not outsource, and English is our primary language, ensuring efficient communication.

Every Plan Includes £400/year of

Premium WordPress Tools!

Scaled Pricing

Your outsourced web design department from just £65 p/month


£ 65
/per mo
  • 1 managed website
  • 30 Mins Development P/M
  • Initial 30 min call
  • HelpDesk Support
  • Unlimited Maintenance
  • Unlimited Repairs


£ 550
/per mo
  • 1 managed website
  • everything in essential+
  • 6 Hours development p/m
  • HelpDesk Support
  • full web build
  • 1 hour consultancy p/m


£ 110
/per mo
  • 1 managed website
  • everything in essential+
  • 60 Mins Development P/M
  • Initial 30 min call
  • WooCommerce maintenance
  • chat support
*All Packages Require a 12 Month Commitment

Terms and Conditions apply to both our Essential and Pro Plans. When transferring an existing website to us, it will undergo quality assurance tests on our servers. If any malicious files or malware are detected, the website will need to be rebuilt on a clean database. Please refer to our Refunds Policy for more information.



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Discover unparalleled web design excellence with our agency, where speed meets style. Specializing in lightning-fast websites and award-winning web design that consistently exceed industry standards, we’re dedicated to crafting online experiences that captivate audiences and drive results.

From sleek aesthetics to seamless functionality, our team combines innovation with precision to deliver websites that not only impress but also perform optimally in search engine rankings. Elevate your online presence with our unmatched expertise and experience the difference today

Experience lightning-fast, award-winning web design excellence with our agency. Elevate your online presence and drive results today.


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The cost of a website can vary widely depending on its complexity and features, ranging from a basic business landing page to an SEO-powered e-commerce store with subscriptions.

For a simple website with a few pages and minimal functionality, you might spend around £500 to £1,500, roughly £100 per page. These options are budget-friendly and come with top-notch performance, along with an essential monthly web management fee covering licenses, updates, repairs, and including 30 minutes of development per month. Additionally, suitable web hosting is required, typically costing around £11 per month from our recommended hosts.

Moving up, if you need more features like e-commerce capabilities or third party functions, costs can be comparable to the above, depending on factors like initial product uploads and monthly development needs (continous changes and maintenance on the shop) – an ecommerce site requires more maintenance in the backend and can require lots of updates and occasional conflicts to be ironed out. Our Pro Plan starts at an affordable £110 per month, offering middle-tier options with scalable upgrades available as required, should you run out of development minutes on any month.

For a high-end website with custom features, functions, intricate design, and top-notch performance, the Enterprise Plan starting at £550 per month is recommended. This plan includes all previous features, a free website built (based on a two-year contract), and five hours and thirty minutes of web development time per month. Additionally, your website will be plugged into our SEO software for auditing and feedback to improve your rank. Any unused development minutes will be proactively utilized for SEO tasks.

It’s important to remember that ongoing expenses like hosting, maintenance, and updates are part of the equation. Thus, finding the right price depends on your specific needs and goals. We recommend discussing your project with our web professionals who can provide a tailored quote based on your requirements.

WordPress often incurs monthly fees due to various factors. Firstly, there are licensing fees for premium themes and plugins, which offer enhanced features and customization options beyond what’s available for free. Additionally, hosting fees are necessary to keep the website live on the internet, with costs varying depending on the hosting provider and the level of service required. Domain name registration is another recurring expense essential for maintaining a unique web address. Furthermore, ongoing updates and repairs are crucial for keeping the website secure and functioning optimally, requiring either DIY efforts or outsourcing to professionals. Neglecting these updates can lead to inevitable vulnerabilities and compromises, potentially resulting in the website breaking or being hacked. Therefore, investing in regular maintenance and security measures is essential for the long-term health and success of a WordPress website, ultimately contributing to its monthly expenses.

Short answer is if you want a website then “YES” you need web hosting.

Web hosting is like paying a phone bill. It’s a service that keeps your website stored on a server and distributed worldwide, making it live on the internet. Servers come with running costs and varying qualities. We’ve partnered with six unique web hosting companies for you to choose from. So, yes, you need web hosting to ensure your website is accessible online.

At NEO Agency, we provide a selection of six recommended web hosts for you to choose from. We exclusively partner with these hosts because they have been audited by us, maintain high standards, and offer fair pricing, ensuring cost-effectiveness for both you and us. Our familiarity with each host’s interfaces enables us to be more time-efficient in performing repairs or contacting them on your behalf for service work.


**Web Design**

Yes, for web design, we expect full cooperation and communication. The design can be created by your marketing department or based on drafts from your team. We’re happy to collaborate in this aspect. We will always advise clients if they’re heading in the wrong direction and guide them accordingly.

**Web Development**

However, for web development, we must say no. Our service and account holders are governed by strict terms and conditions to protect both them and us. One of these conditions is that we only manage websites that we’ve built. This ensures that we can uphold certain standards and features while offering unlimited repairs and maintenance. Allowing multiple developers to work on the same site could lead to issues, requiring us to fix problems we did not cause, which leaves us liable for repairs. Unoptimized changes can trigger site failures, which we would then need to address.

We maintain constant communication within our team and have an extensive knowledge base for every website we’ve built, enabling us to troubleshoot efficiently. Each site’s code and structure are unique to us. As a precaution, we lock most sections of the website to prevent unauthorized changes, maintaining the integrity of our service.

Managing a WordPress website is crucial for maintaining its effectiveness, security, and relevance in the ever-changing online landscape. Neglecting a WordPress website increases the risk of it being hacked or compromised, underscoring the importance of regular management to maintain security and functionality. This means constantly  updating things daily, like themes and plugins to keep your site secure and working well. It also involves backing up your site regularly to save your important information in case something goes wrong. By keeping an eye on who visits your site and how they use it, you can make improvements to attract more people. Managing your WordPress site also means protecting it from hackers and viruses. Plus, it allows you to make changes and improvements to your site over time to keep it up-to-date with what you need. Overall, managing your WordPress site helps keep it safe, secure, and working the way you want it to.

Each of our plans guarantee the safety of your website under our strict protocols.

WordPress is favored for several reasons. If done right, it is the most powerful CMS available and it will rank higher than any other platform or web builder out there. It offers a vast library of themes and plugins, providing flexibility and customization options to meet diverse needs. Additionally, it’s SEO-friendly, helping websites rank higher in search engine results. Moreover, it’s open-source, meaning it’s free to use and continuously improved by a global community of developers. Lastly, WordPress powers a significant portion of the internet, making it a reliable and well-supported platform with extensive resources and community forums available for assistance. Overall, its combination of versatility, SEO capabilities, affordability, and community support makes WordPress is the worlds number one choice for website creation.





Important note: All details from the call must be logged into a ticket before any work is carried out.

This can be completed by your agent or yourself. Call times will be deducted from your monthly minute quota.